Our Services

1. Existing Conditions Report

This report can form the starting point for your Due Diligence program regarding roof safety at your facility, or it can be used as a tool in your annual Health and Safety Policy review process.  We will come to your site and examine the conditions on your building. Our written report including photographs will provide you with:

  • Assessment of your rooftop activity.
  • Evaluation of your current roof access methods and policy.
  • Identification of existing equipment and conditions on your building.
  • Identification of existing hazards on your building.
  • Current safety and building code legislation.
  • Recommendations to make your building compliant with current codes.



2. Roof Access Policy

We will work with you to create a workable, site specifac Roof Access Policy. Your policy will establish for you:

  • Control over who has access to your roof.
  • Identification of who is on your roof.
  • Hazard identification.
  • Training requirements of persons allowed on roof.
  • Responsibilities of workers, employees, supervisors, owners.
  • Locations of Safe Zones and Control Zones.
  • PPE required.
  • A record of roof activity.
  • A signed statement of policy awareness and risk evaluation.
  • Emergency Plan.